August 9, 1870

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Trying not to get bothered by the Patriarchy of Victorian London is nearly impossible. It’s everywhere, every turn, every corner of London is male run.

Here’s my issue: I am a female time traveler (and a Med. student) stuck in Victorian England. About 7 months ago, my time travel machine broke. I’m not sure how. I was supposed to visit a friend in London in 1970… and here I am in 1870. It’s dreadful, really.

I’ve decided to continue my medical training here. However, women are not allowed to attend Uni. So, bring out the bindings and wigs. Thank God I bring a disguise kit with me everywhere, because honestly if I didn’t, imagine the trouble I’d be in (Especially the fiasco in Moscow in 1750).

The Victoria University of Manchester has a fine medical programme (if not a little inaccurate sometimes). The main problem lies with a large percentage of the student’s. Their close-mindedness and belief in limited science is maddening. The idea of a women being equally smart is simply rubbish to them. So, clearly, today was not a great day for them.

Lancashire, Manchester, Victoria University

The students (and professors) at Uni were livid today. You see, Parliament passed a law stating that women had rights (although limited) to retain their property after marriage. So, no longer do the husbands own the land after marriage, now it remains the women property. Also ruled was that women may keep up to £200 of their own earnings (not great, but still, baby-steps).

Many of the students and even professors claim that most of the new changes are because of the current Prime Minister William Gladstone. They claim that a liberal running our country is going to be the end of times… oh the conservative… so dramatic sometimes.

I try to remind myself that i’m living in the same time as Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, George Elliot, and even Edgar Degas.

The fashion is fabulous. Luckily the hoop skirt is fazing out of popularity. Unfortunately, the bustle has become the new fashion. Trying to walk with those things and a “fashionable” heel is an absolute pain. Luckily pretending to be a man means slacks mainly… but trying to find tailored clothes for a person of my height is nearly impossible.

Okay I lied, the bustle is actually a lot of fun to walk in, but I’m realistic and know that wearing a corset most of the time is probably painful. However, its kind of fun for the time being. Despite the fact that Victorian London is dirty, it is kind of amazing to be here. Mixed with art and innovation that will change our world forever.

Being here is incredible. I am excited for my time machine to be fixed… but I guess I’ll always be a bit nostalgic for the Victorian era.